Angular 12 — From Zero to Hero

Hello guys, this article will be a little different. the author will make a step-by-step to understand angular from Zero to hero.

Of course, to achieve as in the title, there are some that friends must follow, because this article is continuous, so before that, the author will make a table of contents of what will be achieved according to the title that the author made.

Table of Contents :

  1. Development Environment Setup
  2. HTML/CSS, and Javascript
  3. Typescript
  4. Angular Introduction
  5. Angular Component
  6. Angular Styling with Bootstrap
  7. Angular Routing & Navigation
  8. Angular Data Binding
  9. Angular Directive
  10. Angular Pipes
  11. Angular Lifecycle Hooks
  12. Angular Dependency Injection & Services
  13. Angular HTTP Service & Interceptor
  14. Angular Unit Testing
  15. Angular Deployment

Okay guys, see you in the next article, the author will always update the topic according to the table of contents above.

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Enigma IT Bootcamp Blog

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